Little Green Button- panic button software

The Little Green Button panic alarm system is the original on-screen, wireless staff security sotware. The Little Green Button floats above all applications on desktop and mobile devices to ensure staff can call for immediate assistance whenever they need it.

Little Green Button- panic button software

The Little Green Button panic alarm system is the original on-screen, wireless staff security sotware. The Little Green Button floats above all applications on desktop and mobile devices to ensure staff can call for immediate assistance whenever they need it.

Little Green Button – PC Panic Button Alarm Software






How does the Little Green Button work?

The Little Green Button icon is always visible on screen and with a simple click, the button turns to red to signify that help is required. The alert is sent out to all staff in the network or designated group, letting colleagues know who has called for help and where they are. The button turns to yellow once the alert has been accepted so that the person requiring assistance knows that help is on its way. The Little Green Button is simple and discreet to deploy and gives staff the confidence to know that help is on its way to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation.


Who can use the Little Green Button?

The Little Green Button panic alarm system is ideal for safeguarding all employees, in particular those who deal with the general public on a one-to-one basis.

Originally developed for use in GP surgeries, the Little Green Button has been successfully adopted by teams in a variety of educational, administrative, healthcare and front of house environments.


Little Green Button is simple and effective.  Why not try our 21 day free trial  to see for yourself.

The Little Green Button costs £175 + VAT per year for up to 50 devices (PCs or Android Smartphones).

We offer a free 21 day no obligation trial for Little Green Button.  The trial provides free access to the panic alarm software so that you can experience the whole process from installing Little Green Button across your network to enjoying the peace of mind that having an on-screen, wireless panic alarm system brings.

Big Green Button costs £19.95 +VAT.  This is a one-off payment for this physical panic alarm which works with Little Green Button to provide additional security to employees who may need to send out an alarm when their screen is locked.



‘It’s cheap, easy to use and it works!’

Philippa Smith

Practice Manager, Larksfield Surgery

‘Following a major security incident in the summer of 2003 we invested in The Little Green Button for our 44 computer operators including all Doctors, Nurses and attached clinical staff. This small floating green button offers security and peace of mind to everyone working at this practice administrative and clinical staff alike – currently our team consists of 10 doctors, 6 nurses, health visitors and other attached clinical staff including midwives etc. Since our major incident we have had occasion to use this in many genuine circumstances – patient collapses at the reception desk and even outside in the street – in the treatment room area and to summon help when a patient has become aggressive in the consulting room. It has been effective in 100% of cases. The tool, part of our overall strategy is respected and understood by the whole team and we wouldn’t be without it.’

Maureen Heath

Practice Manager, Weavers Medical Centre

‘Fortunately we have rarely had to use it but when needed it does work and gives a lot of reassurance to people.’

Kerry Larbalestier

Partner, Harold Michaelmore Solicitors

‘Whilst never used in anger the Little Green Button gives confidence and an easy way for GP’s and nurses should they need to call assistance in a medical or non medical emergency. The reception team appreciate the extra security it provides especially if they are alone in an evening with all the clinicians in their rooms. It has been triggered inadvertently on occasions and staff have always reacted positively and swiftly to offer assistance.’

Peter Lillywhite

New Road Surgery

‘We had relied on wall mounted panic buttons over the years, but as in most organisations, room use changes as does the layout of the room and if you’re lucky the number of rooms. We found we were in a situation where some rooms and staff had panic buttons, some didn’t and most of the staff didn’t know how to use them anyway. We heard about Wiggly-Amps from a salaried GP who had joined us, and immediately contacted them. The product is so simple to use, a little (or big if you want one) green button sitting happily on the desk top which can be clicked if there is any trouble. Every room has a computer and everyone uses it, so apart from making sure that you are near the computer it is accessible to everyone. The cost is extremely good at about £100’

Debbie Wheatley

Spinney Surgery

‘We used to have a system where people had to physically pick up a chunky device to press an emergency button. This device was often under papers, stuck in a drawer, on a window ledge or under a desk. LGB gave us the perfect security tool. It is always there, we know someone will always be available to see and respond. It is not obvious to the patient what is being done, so it does not exacerbate the situation. It also allows a doctors to quietly knock and walk in under some pretext to get the threatened person out of the situation safely. Basically, it is perfect! Thank you for such a well thought out and useful, simple tool!!’

Helen McAteer

BA Hons, MBA, New Hall Surgery, Hull

‘Overall we are quite happy with the product. It provides the level of security that we needed in our office and all staff understand how it works.’

Trevor Seibel

Director of Financial Administration, District of Coldstream, Canada

‘We find the system very easy to use and it helps staff to feel at ease when consulting with clients particularly on a one to one basis knowing that help is just a click away when needed. I have to say that as yet we have not needed to use it in a “live” situation however, when we run a “test” as we do with all our alarm and security on a regular basis, it has worked very well with staff responding quickly.’

Joan Bolton

Substance Misuse Administration Co-ordinator, Twenty Four:7 Gateshead Alcohol & Drug Team

‘It’s easy to install, with simple interface and it’s definitely very helpful piece of software.’

Petr Poulik

The English International School Prague

‘The Little Green Button has filled in a security gap we had with our reception staff, who were physically isolated, with no one in close proximity to them. To address this concern, we installed the Little Green Button, which has allowed them a greater level of comfort where they can quietly summon assistance if needed. It worked well for our staff and we recommend this for others with similar situations.’

Steve Young

Chief Technology Officer, Judson Independent School District

‘We have the LGB installed in every classroom. The teachers use it to request assistance from the Pastoral team instantly. It’s a doddle to install and configure and can be customised accordingly. The support offered by wiggly amps is second to none and they have all the answers to any issues/queries.’

Ahmed Gardee

IT Network Officer, Belle Vue Boys’ School

We searched the web for a product that gives us a chance for a helpcall over our LAN. The result of this search was your product. We are glad to found it. It is very useful for us und we need it twice. It works perfectly. I didn’t find in germany any other product like the little green button.

Michael Tolk

EDV-Sachbearbeiter, Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Hamm

Staffordshire University Academy has over 600 students and over 80 staff spread across a large building.  For us, Little Green Button is used as part of our emergency evacuation and business continuity planning.  Little Green Button is also a useful tool for communication with staff as it provides an extra layer of security in the event of an emergency.

Hope Kirkham

SUAT Estate Coordinator, Staffordshire University Academy

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