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Engage Consult is a secure, future-proof online consultation platform that features patient history-taking integrated with practice work-flow, offering the potential for a direct two-way confidential messaging service between clinicians and their patients.

At the heart of the Engage Consult is Instant Medical History (IMH), the consultation engine that has delivered over 36,000 online consultations in the UK since early 2015. Evidence shows that GPs can reap real productivity gains from using IMH to support clinical decision making.

Statistics indicate that on average 30% of time is saved by using IMH to contact their GP first when compared with pre-booked face-to-face consultations. The efficiency gain comes from patients providing a structured history of their symptoms in their own time, not the GPs.  The information gathered assists clinical decision-making for next steps: see patient, call with advice, refer or prescribe.

In addition, Engage Consult actively signposts patients to established self-care resources, pharmacy and alternative services such as out of hours and 111 where appropriate.  The messages patients receive via the e-consultation can be tailored by individual practices depending on whether patients use Engage Consult to request help either within or out of surgery hours.

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CCG GP Forward View offer

CCGs will be able to use their GP Forward view allocation to purchase Engage Consult at a competitive price with no minimum patient population commitment, no tie-in for the funding period, no hidden expectations or costs.

The practice price for Engage Consult is 29p per registered patient per annum. The minimum contract period for Engage Consult is just 6 months   Engage Consult will be available for CCGs for all practices within their annual GP Forward View online consultation budget. No tie in for the funding period, no minimum committed patient population.

In addition, Engage Consult is the only e-consultation system available for practices and CCGs via the GPSOC and G-Cloud frameworks (G-Gloud 9 from May 2017).

Engage Consult key features- e-consultation:

  •     Simple yet powerful patient-history taking via Instant Medical History (IMH).  IMH has been used in over 30,000 UK e-consultations since 2015
  •     Tried and tested practice workflow and secure two-way messaging via EnCompass LT
  •     Easy-to-use navigation to self-care and other NHS resources
  •     Integrates with all principal clinical systems
  •     Provides patient access via claimed identity login and ROSU (Registered Online Service User) Patient Facing Services (PFS) registration
  •     Offers a full translation in multiple languages
  •     Offers a single point of access to all other standard online practice services via Engage Consult PFS registration
  •     Full practice provisioning, basic training and help desk support included in the price
  •     Comes as a branded version or is also available as a white label component for a CCG or Federation online patient facing service offering
  •     Available to practices and CCGs via GPSOC and G-Cloud frameworks (G-Cloud 9 from May 2017)
  •     Fully certificated for all relevant NHS England information governance and management standards



For more information about Engage Consult, please click here to go to our dedicated website.

For more information about Engage Consult, please click here to go to our dedicated website.

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